ALICE – Lava – HARD Trampling (In High Heels and Barefoot) – 15 minutes NON STOP UNTIL PASS OUT!!! PART2

This new brat Alice is a professional model and she is curious to see how she can walk on her sexy high heels, but on me! She tramples me hard under her shoes and as I want to scream from the pain, she just has a curious expression on her face, without even care about my pain! She never gets of me and she makes me lick her shoes and suck the heels and she fucks my mouth with the top of the shoe, as she stands on me. She even stands on my face full weight and crushes my head like a cigarette!

She commands me to remove her shoes, but she doesn’t stop the trampling. She makes me lick and suck her feet while she tramples me and then she starts a non stop facestanding in all possible positions, and she forgets to get off my face! This bitch has a great balance and her total weight goes on my face! But she puts my nose between her toes and steps on my mouth, I cannot breath!!! I struggle to breath but I pass out soon by anoxia…


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