ALICE – The Toys Of The Top Model – Foot Worship And Foot Massage On Face PART1

Alice does modeling in high level and she meets many important people in this job. She is mabye just 20 years old, but she is a devil! She is a natural born Domina and she can see from the first moment who is her next slave! One photographer was her last victim, a financial slave as she calls him, I am not sure what is this. But she made him transfer the studio rights to her, and now she owns a professional photo studio! Alicetakes us to the studio usually at weekends, to clean and to cook for her and her work partners and of course to dominates us when she feels like.Today, all day┬áis free and she is a little bored…

Alice is reading her magazine laying on the bed and it is so quier, I love it. But she calls me and she commands me to offer my face as her footstool, while she reads. She does this always when her feet are cold, so she covers my face under them and massages them on my face. Alice makes me worship her feet, running her soles slowly on my tongue and face and massaging them all over it while I lick and suck. She uses my face as a footstolol and she makes me worship her feet, ignoring me the whole time as she reads her magazine!


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