ARIEL – After Beach Fun – Lick My Salty Feet Clean, Footslave! – Foot Worship And Footdom

This bratty Ariel loves to go to the beach everyday, she has so fantastic body and we are sure that everybody gets crazy with her in bikini walking on the beach. It is so nice when she goes to the beach for hours and leaves us home alone, we relax and we do nothing, but we know that when she comes back, she is full of energy and usually we pay for it!

After cleaning well her flip flops on my tongue and dry them on my t-shirt, this bratty Ariel tells me to stick my tongue out again and worship her feet. She relaxes back and makes me lick her soles, they are very salty from the beach and some pieces of sand enter on my mouth, creating a crunchy annoying feeling. I lick and suck non stop, as she has the total control, massaging her feet on my face and making me worship non stop. Ariel pushes me down and massages her feet on my face harder, as I continue to lick until there is no salty taste anymore. The taste on my mouth is bad, but at least Ariel has the softest feet ever and my face doesn’t hurt!


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