ARIEL – Bikini Tax – Foot Domination POV PART2

Bratty model Ariel has tomorrow a bikini competition and she probes her tiny bikinis at home to be ready. Her old pathetic houseslaves look at her drooling and she gets annoyed feeling their eyes on her perfect body! Ariel believes that they must pay a ‘Bikini Tax’ in domination and humiliation!

Sexy brat Ariel stands on her slave’s chest and she looks down at him with a sadistic expression. She makes him worship her feet in a dominant way, wiping her soles on his tongue and filling his mouth with her cute toes, sometimes gagging him. Ariel rubs her feet all over his face and makes him lick them non stop. After few minutes of foot worship while she keeps standing on his chest, Ariel starts to stand on his face full weight and after changing some positions on it, she kicks his face before he go! AMAZING POV CAMERA POSITIONS!