ARIEL – Sadistic Photomodel – Melting Your Face : Facetrampling, Facekicking And Facestomping PART2

Ariel is just 19 but she is already a popular photomodel, with her exotic face (she is 25% asian) and her PERFECT body makes the photographers crazy, waiting her on a list for a photoshooting with her. But Ariel is not like the other models, she is a very intelligent and sadistic young Lady that she loves to make her photographers her slaves! She teases and seduces them on the photo shootings, just to bring them to her home after and make them her bitches! The poor guys are happy to be her slaves, just to be close to her!

Ariel loves to abuse this slave! He was a judge for the Face Of The Year and he promised to Ariel that he will vote for her, but he didn’t! Ariel called him at her house and she wants to make him the Melted Face Of The Year! She covers his face under her feet and starts to trample it, giving him some kicks on the face or footsmothering him many times. Ariel has a sweet sadistic smile of joy while she melts her slave’s face under her perfect feet and as the time passes she gets more hard, finishing with some long brutal face stomping!