AURA – As Bratty As It Gets – Foot Domination PART1

Aliosa defeated and this brat calls me to fight. She will give me money if I win and I think I will win because I am stronger and she is tired from the previous fight. I will fight hard! Come on bitch! Ooooooooooohhhh! Ungfpfd! She kicked me in the balls! Knock out! Little bitch!!! I am in extreme pain and she laughs and tramples me. Then she gets off and forces me to lick her feet. She rubs her feet all over my face, she crushes my face and she humiliates me and laugh. Then she smothers me with her feet and then I don’t remember anything…Blackout! I guess I lost the money, I was unconsious¬†as¬†Aliosa told me after…


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