CAROLINA – Judgement Day – EXTREME Shoe Worship And Shoe Gagging PART1

Humiliatrix Elizabeth called her beautiful girlfriend Carolina to have some fun time together and also to help her take a decision. Her slaves are useless and they are not improving as she wishes to, but still they work too hard and bring her money and also they are good in the housework. But Elizabeth want them to be more submissive and more good to worship her the way she wants. Carolina is more than happy to offer her help on this matter!

Bratty fitness beauty Carolina wears her sexy red high heels and calls the old slave to see how he can do in cleaning her shoes. She commands him to lick the dirt from the bottoms of the shoes, looking down at him with a sadistic expression and she fucks his mouth with the heels to shine them. The slave does his best to lick every dirty spot of his Mistress’es sexy high heels as he knows he is under inspection. Carolina shows no mercy for him, she fucks his mouth with the top of her shoe hard, shoegagging him for long and she abuses and dominates him under her shoes while he tries to shine them with his tongue!