CAROLINA – Running Low – Sweaty Socks Smothering, Smelling And Domination PART2

Fitness Princess Carolina returns home from her power-run and she asks her slave if her food is ready. Her slave says to her that he is still cooking it and it will be ready in one hour, something that makes Carolina angry, as she is very hungry! Her stupid houseslave knows that it is important for the fitness program of his Mistress the food to be on time, and still he fails!

The slave starts the excuses, but Carolina sticks her feet on his face and starts to abuse him under her sweaty socks! She humiliates him as she makes him sniff her socks, smothering him under them! Carolinakicks and footslaps his face countless times and she crushes it under her socks. On the way of the interrogation, she realizes even more mistakes from the slave, something that makes her punish him more under her sweaty socks!


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