CAROLINA – Using My Financial Slave Underfoot – BRUTAL Trampling In Pantyhose PART1

Even after so many hours of shopping, Carolina will not stay home. It was enough that she rested and had some sadistic fun with her slave. She puts her sexy black pantyhose and she is ready to go, but she receives a text that her girlfriend will late for some minutes. Carolina cannot wait, so she says to her slave to lay down for some trampling. Her slave complains that he paid all these money for her shopping and he was humiliated already, but of course Carolina doesn’t care! She stands on him and starts to trample him brutally, crushing his dick under her feet and kicking his face many times. Carolina crushes her slave’s throat under her feet and she stands full weight on his face and melts it. Young Fitness Princess destroys her slave under her feet, giving him a good taste of her nylons!


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