CECILIA – The Prophecy – CRUEL Footgagging PART1

Finally Cecilia became adult! She is a very bratty girl and the younger sister of Gabriella, as you can see they look alike and she is SOOOO beautiful!!! She has a very dominant nature and she always wanted to play with Gabriella’s slaves, but Gabriella was telling to her that when she will turn 18 years old, she can do whatever she wants. Cecilia was joking with her, saying that there is a Prophecy about her, that when the time is right she will become the best Domina! And now Cecilia is 18 years old already…

Bratty Cecilia with an evil look in her eyes, calls her slave and puts a collar on his leash. She makes him worship her feet and, when he sucks her toes, she pushes her perfect tiny foot into his mouth, gagging him! Cecilia loves this game, she pushes her feet down his throat and pulls the leash to go deeper and she uses her fantasy to find efficient ways to gag her footbitch with her feet down his throat!


Clip posted in Snob Young Divas