DEINA – Halftime – Foot Domination And Facekicking POV PART2

This is the story behind this clip! After a shooting with sadistic Lady Deina, we gambled money for a basketball game. Deina is crazy when she is gambling, so in the halftime she couldn’t wait for 10 minutes until the second half starts. ‘Come here, I want to play with you!’ she ordered and here I am at her feet! I asked her if I could fix a camera and she said ‘sure!’!

So Deina started to make me worship her feet, but soon she gets more and more dominant! She kicks my face hard and footslaps it a lot of times, she wipes her perfect feet all over my face and she makes me lick and suck her feet non stop! After non stop face abuse underfoot, the second half is about to start, so Deina kicks me back and focuses on her gambling!


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