ELECTRA – Saving Private Vigor 2 Amazon Land – EXTREME Dirty Feet Gagging

We escaped, again! We run on the forest like crazy, like wild anima1s, we finally escaped from the Dark Kingdom of Rea! We are not anymore in this house, to be dominated and humiliated by bitches, we are free! But we must cross the borders of the Amazon Land…The information we took is that no men live there, just Dominant Women and if the catch a man, they make them their slave. Of course we prefer to risk entering there, than a border with real soldiers, after all, they are just women!

I am on handcuffs sitting on the ground and this cruel Amazon asks me if I have something to confess. I say no and she gets annoyed, so she puts her dirty foot into my mouth and starts to gag me hard! She says that since I don’t want to use my mouth, she will do it for me! She footgags me harder and harder, her foot is down my throat and the dirt of it is all over my mouth! But what can I say, she will not believe me! I suffer in agony the cruel footgagging and I hope my brother will set himself free and save me!


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