ELECTRA – Saving Private Vigor 2: Amazon Land – Lick The Mud From My High Boots!

We escaped, again! We run on the forest like crazy, like wild anima1s, we finally escaped from the Dark Kingdom of Rea! We are not anymore in this house, to be dominated and humiliated by bitches, we are free! But we must cross the borders of the Amazon Land…The information we took is that no men live there, just Dominant Women and if the catch a man, they make them their slave. Of course we prefer to risk entering there, than a border with real soldiers, after all, they are just women!

This sexy Amazon asks me where I wanted to go and why I crossed the borders, but I say that I was just running. She looks at me and orders me to lick her high boots clean, or she will take my life. But her boots are full of mud! I say that I cannot do it, but she is ready to eliminate me, so I start to lick her muddy boots. Soon my mouth is full of dirt and I swallow to keep licking. She looks at me and smiles and she wipes the bottoms of her boots on my tongue. My face and mouth are full black and dirty, but the boots are not yet clean, so the Amazon kicks me on the ground and comes over me, using me as a rug to clean her boots and fucking my mouth with the heels!


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