ELECTRA – Skinny Gothic Girl vs. Fat Loser – Trampling And Victory Poses Show PART2

Electra is a gorgeous Gothic girl full of tattoos and she likes to work out it the neighborhood gym. She looks absolutely beautiful and fragile, but she has nerve and strength that nobody can imagine! She is doing her workout, when she listens hard heavy metal music and a fat old loser, well known cocky bastard of the neighborhood, jumps to the tatami and starts to exercise. Electra tells him to get lost, but he pushes her to go, saying that he wants to do serious training, not to waste his time like she do. Electra challenges him to fight her, but he laughs and mocks her about that. Little he knows!!!

Electra after defeat and humiliate her male opponents, she always celebrates it at the end with some victory poses! She stands on the loser and tramples him hard at first under her divine feet and she starts the victory poses while she stands on his body and face! Electra presses his face on the tatami with her foot, showing her muscles and does a victory posing and trampling show! At the end, she just uses him as her furniture with her feet covering his face, as she keeps doing her victory poses on the poor bastard!


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