ELIZABETH And IVY – Lifestyle – Foot Domination And Humiliation PART2

Humiliatrix Elizabeth follows her eccentric femdom lifestyle and she openly talks about it with her girlfriends. Tattooed Gothic beauty Ivy is really interested and curious to try, feeling the urge to feed her sadistic nature! Elizabeth is enthusiastic to introduce her girlfriend to her femdom games, promising to her that they will have some great fun together!

Ivy loved trampling the slave and Elizabeth asks her if she wants to have some more fun with her other slave. Ivy of course is looking forward for it, so they call the old slave and command him to worship their perfect feet. The slave does his best to please his Mistresses, while they laugh at him and humiliate him verbally. Elizabeth kicks him on the floor and they cover his face under their perfect feet, making him totally their footbitch as they make him lick and suck their feet non stop and abuse his face under them!