ELIZABETH And LORETTA – ‘I, Zombie’ – Foot Worship In The Facebox (Mostly POV) PART3

Since this insane bitch Elizabeth rent me for a long period, I feel that every day can be my last. She is so cruel and morbid, I think she is a whitch! Together with her girlfriend Loretta they treat me badly and they humiliate me hard, or just ignore me and let me hungry. Once more now I am trapped in the facebox, unable to move and I beg them to release me to do something. Elizabeth tells me to shut up and that if I want to do something usefull, I can worship their feet while they relax and chat. My face is covered under four feet and they totally ignore me, as they run their soles to my extented tongue, make me suck their toes, massage their feet on my face or just use it as their footstool. I don’t mind to do that, but I know that something bad is waiting for me, this is the calm before the storm!