ELIZABETH – Bad Pets – Violent Feeding And Foot Domination PART2

This cruel bitch Elizabeth owns us for few days and our life is a hell. She is very demanding and strict and we must be totally perfect to what she asks, or she dominates us and humiliates us without mercy. She calls me and orders a salad the way she likes. I prepare the salad full of stress to do it exactly how she likes, but when she tries, she spits and looks at me so angry! I put spicy paper instead of sweet! How could I know, I cannot read! Elizabeth is furious, she starts to humiliate me and feed me with the spicy salad. I am very hungry but this peper is really spicy and I am burning more and more while she puts salad into my mouth. She feeds me with her feet first and after she puts a lot of salad into my mouth and pushes it with her foot, doing food gagging for me! She makes me eat from the floor and when it is impossible for me to chew as my mouth is so full, she takes my head with her hands and helps me chew! Cruel Elizabeth dominates me under her feet some more and kicks me away to make a new salad for her, correctly this time…


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