EVIKE – Evike Returns – EXTREME Trampling And Facestanding PART1

This period we became trend! More and more bitches come to dominate and humiliate us and Rea separated me with my brother for a while and sent me to stay in an apartment she owns downtown (with the money she makes from us I guess). But this is really nice here, I can sleep few hours while my brother has full day slavery! Ha, ha! But as I sleep in my corner on the floor, I hear the door opens…It is Evike! Nooooo! She was in Australia! Is not possible, I see a bad dream! She laughs at me immediately with her typical humiliating for me style and commands me to go near!

I was used to have a lot of free time in this new place, so I could sleep a lot. But now Evike is back and she catches me sleeping…Of course this is very bad for me, she comes slowly while I sleep and she kicks me brutally to wake up! I almost have a heart attack, she jumps on me and starts to trample me brutally and kicks and stomps my face while she tramples me! The most of the time she stands on my face and she presses it hard against the bed or tramples it without mercy, melting it under her feet. Evike is the most evil! I want to go back with my brother!


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