GABRIELLA – A Night At The Villa – Lick My Flat Streetwear Boots Clean! – Boot Worship And Domination PART2

When Goddess Gabriella has enough of the city, she goes to her mountain villa with her slave together with her to serve her. She enjoys her time alone, she relaxes and thinks. Of course, she never gets bored to play with her slavedog!

Gabriella returns from her evening powerwalk, looking amazing in her tight jeans and flat streetwear boots. She relaxes on the couch and calls her slave to come and lick her boots clean. The boots are very dirty and the slave methodically licks the dust from the boots from up to down, while Gabriella inspects his job. She commands him to lick the bottoms clean, but he is too slow so she gets dominant, crushing his face under her boots or kicking it hard! Gabriella finishes the cleaning on his face and tongue in her dominant style and she kicks her slave on the floor and wipes the soles of her boots on his face and hair to dry them, before she uses his face as her bootstool!