GABRIELLA – Addiction – Shine My Sexy High Heel Sandals With Your Tongue, Slave! PART1

Goddess Gabriella is anĀ addiction. Everybody wants to be around her, speak to her and admire her beauty and daily she receives hudends of requests from slaves to be hers! If a lucky man becomes the slave of Goddess Gabriella, he must give his best to serve her. Her slaves live for her, their lives, their time and their money are hers!

Gabriella is breathtaking in her tight mini dress and sexy high heel sandals, she will go to party but she has some time to play with her houseslaves. She calls her older slave and commands him to shine her sexy shoes with his tongue. He licks and sucks how his Mistress wants and Gabriella looks down at him with a royal style. When her shoes are full clean, she pushes him on the floor and uses his t-shirt and head as her rug to dry her shoes!