GABRIELLA – Countryhouse Rock – Dirty Foot Domination POV PART2

We belong to Gabriella for the weekend, she borrowed us from Rea as she has plans at her country house. This is never good for us, because we have to clean and work more than usual and also we have to serve Gabriella and her guest girlfriends…The good is that we can steal vegetables from the neighbors or eat insects and worms, so we don’t complain so much! But we hope that the young bitches will not get so crazy on us!

I must lay in front of the house door as Gabriella ordered and I am sure I will have to clean shoes again. Gabriella comes barefoot and stands over me, telling me that I have to clean her feet. She uses my tongue to clean her dirty feet and I think that is much better than shoes. But this crazy sadistic bitch starts to dominate me hard, she kicks and stomps my face and crushes it like a cigarette and she stands on my chest and makes me lick and suck her feet, laughing down at me! Gabriella fucks my mouth with her foot, gagging me and she crushes my throat and she wipes hard her feet on my face and tongue to clean them! When she thinks that they are clean, she kicks and crushes my face some more and she enters the house, living her human rug, me, on the ground!


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