GABRIELLA – Sauna Slavery – HARD Facebusting and Foot Domination PART3

A new luxury Wellness center opened and our sugarslaves work there also to make some extra money for us. Many models, rich and spoiled girls go there and the sugarslaves must offer the best service. Incredibly beautiful model Gabriella visits the Center and after some massage, she relaxes on theĀ sauna. Soon she gets bored and she wants to have some fun with the pathetic guys that serve her!

The closing time of the wellness center already passed, but spoiled Gabriella demanded the two poor employees to stay more for her. After theĀ sauna, Gabriella relaxes on a couch and when fatty passes near her, she calls her and she asks him if he thinks that the towels that he gave to her are clean. He says that they are clean but after Gabriella show him that it is not true! Fatty is scared and he tries to apologize, but sadistic Gabriella has to punish him! She rubs her perfect feet all over his face and she makes him lick and suck them and then she starts to footslap him. She kicks his face, stomps it and footslaps it hard, even with two feet and teaches him a lesson with her feet, so he is more careful the next time!


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