JENNIFER – Rich Bitch – CRUEL Trampling And Facestanding PART1

Gorgeous blond Diva Jennifer is rich and famous, always filling the pages of the gossip magazines with her crazy life and her eccentric character. When somebody is near her, she overpowers him with her style, intelligent and dynamic, but behind her back they call her the ‘Rich Bitch’. Jennifer treats people under her like and she is a sadistic Dominatrix with her boy toys!

Jennifer is in the mood to use her human carpet, so she commands him to remove his t-shirt and go on the floor. She starts to trample him under her perfect feet and she gets more and more sadistic, as she kicks his face and stomps his body while she stands on it. She crushes his dick trampling it hard and next is his throat, as she squeezes it under her feet. But her favorite place is his face, she stands full weight on it in many positions and tramples it and stomps it while she stands!