Lady Melody – Bratty To The Bone – Foot Worship, Face As Footstool, Dominant Foot Massage On Face And Facestomping PART2

We indroduce Lady Melody, maybe the brattiest Lady in our store so far! She is 18 years old, half Latina and half central European and she is so tiny and so beautiful and sexy, with her curvy body, perfect ass and so, so beautiful tiny feet (shoe size 36 EU). She is a good friend of Rea and it was not so difficult to be convinced to do a shooting with us, as she found it extremelly funny and interesting.

Melody already feels really comfortable with her new slave, she cannot take her feet off his face! She relaxes and checks her phone, sitting on a chair with her slave under it and his face as her footstool. Bratty Princess Melody massages slowly her feet on his face, makes him kiss them and worship them, or just relaxes them on his face, ignoring him.

Melody feels like having some cream on her sexy feet and because she doesn’t trust her slave for a foot massage, she will do it alone on his face! She spreads cream all over the slave’s face and she spreads it with her feet and starts to massage them wiping and rubbing them all over his face. Melody enjoys her massage and humiliates her slave and she starts to get mor dominant. She wipes her feet on his face harder and harder, she footsmothers him and, at the end, she stomps his face hard many times and crushes it like a cigarette, when finally she has enough and keeps using his stupid face as a footstool for her cuty small feet! What a natural bratty Lady is Melody!


Clip posted in Foxy Footdom and Trampling store