LAURA – Dancer From Hell – Dirty Feet Worship (Ash) And Facekicking PART1

We licked so many shoes, they kicked us, humiliated us, trampled us, dominated us in many ways just for few coins. But now these coins are a lot! We collected a fortune and it is our time. We will call a dancer for private dances!

This evil bitch is really angry that our money were not enough for a dance and she wants to punish us more and more… She calls me and I go near trying to look very submissive to make her feel little sorry. She lights up a cigarette and she commands me to worship her feet. But she doesn’t have an ashtray so she throws the ash on the floor, makes her feet dirty and makes me lick them clean! I complain but she doesn’t care, she makes me eat all the ash from her feet and she kicks me brutally my face, again and again, many times! I am dizzy from the kicking but she commands me to go on the floor and lick it clean from the ash…