MELODY – Timeshare Program – CRUEL Footgagging And Foot Humiliation

This period Rea changed the rental system and she said something likeĀ timeshare, that means that one Domina can pay for us to have us for some weeks in the year. Seems that it works for many brats, as we have to work overtime now! Today my first day with two new Mistresses, Tricia and Melody. They look very beautiful and sweet, but usually we are so wrong!

With this timesharing system, we cannot take a break! Melody relaxes on the bed and everything is fine, until she calls me and commands me to worship her feet. I do and she laughs at me and commands me to open my mouth, putting her foot deep into it! The tiny feet of Melody go easily deep into my mouth and she fucks it and enjoys it, while I am gagged and suffering! Melody kicks my face and wipes her feet all over it, just to footgag me over and over again in different styles. This little brat!


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