MINERVA – High Fashion Boots – Lick My Boots Clean, Slave! – EXTREME Fashion Boots Worship And Domination PART1

Since I am here, enslaved in this house with my cousin, I met so many beautiful girls that, for some reason, they love to dominate me. But one for the girls that I really afraid, is this Minerva! Today she owns me and she wears some amazing high boots, I look at her and I am drooling, she is so sexy! Suddenly, she calls me and she commands me to lick her boots clean! The bottoms are really dirty, but I cannot say no of course, as Minerva has a whip on her hand. She commands me to kiss her boots and after to start licking the bottoms clean. She whips me to do better and she guides me how to lick, but she is not so happy with my job. She makes me kiss her boots and she whips me some more and after she starts trampling my hands hard, as a punishment that I did a bad job! The pain is huge, I want to cry! Finally she commands me to be her bootstool and she relaxes her legs on my back…


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