NIVES – Earn Your Stripes – You Are My Rug! – Shoe Cleaning and Shoe Domination POV (REAL DIRT!!!) PART1

Bratty Nives is back! She is most beautiful than ever and has a great tattoo on her foot. She is so charming, the sugarslaves are melting just watching her. ‘I miss it a lot!’ she said and she commanded the slaves to kiss her feet, laughing…

Gorgeous Nives goes out of the room in her supersexy dress and fashion red high heels! Her human rug is waiting on the floor and she smiles as she starts to clean the streetdirt from the soles of her shoes, using his tongue. She gets playful having him under her shoes so Niver kicks his face, crushes it like a cigarette and twists painfully the heels on his cheek! After abusing his face and cleaning the soles and the heels of her shoes by fucking his mouth with them, Nives commands the slave to turn face down and lick the rest of the shoe clean. He shines the sexy high heels with his tongue and Nives fucks his mouth and shoegags him with the top of her shoe, laughing!