OLIVIA – The Gangstress – Foot Domination And Humiliation PART3

Breathtaking Olivia is famous in the underworld circles for her amazing beauty and her fighting skills. For her sexy body and beautiful eyes many men don’t live anymore and everybody knows her under the nickname ‘The Gangstress’, as she is behind many criminal activities. Olivia has a really sadistic nature and she and her gang abduct rich people for ransom. This fat chubby guy is the son of a very rich and corrupted politician that he refused to pay for the ransom to take his son back. Olivia has no problem to eliminate this young fat loser, of course after she has some fun with him first!

Olivia kicks the guy down from the couch and she uses his face as a footstool to paint the nails of her sexy feet. She totally treats him as a soulless furniture, as she does her job and when the nails are ready and she dries them, the poor fat bastard starts to wake up under her feet. She laughs and she makes him worship her feet, licking, sucking and sniffing as is still not fully concsious. She takes some water and she puts her foot near his mouth, throwing water on her leg to make it run into his mouth. She puts her toes into his mouth and commands him to drink the water from her feet, she wants to wake him up to be fully conscious while she will put an end to his pathetic life! To wake him up for good, Olivia orders him to kiss her feet, but she walks back when he bends and he has to crawl, following her feet and trying to kiss them!


Clip posted in SUPERGIRLS vs Males store