REA And MINERVA – The Cousin Cukuc – Welcome, Our New Slave! – Foot Domination And Humiliation PART3

I am really depressed the last days, as Rea sold my brother Vigor to a very rich and very old Lady that she makes him do sexual favors for her all the time. Even if I am happy that it was not me, I miss him! While I think of my poor brother, I hear a knock on the door. I open and surprised I see my cousin Kukuc! He was searching for us for months and here he is! After we hug I tell him to disappear as if Rea will find him he is screwed!

The door is opening and Minerva enters the house bringing Kukuc together! Rea asks her who the hell is he and Minerva says to her that she found him in front of the door. Noooo! Kukuc explains to her that he was searching for us, as he was informed that we are living the big life with beautiful girls and a lot of money. Rea has an evil smile on her lips when she says to him that this is exactly our life here!

Rea tells Kukuc to remove the shoes of her girlfriend Minerva and kiss her feet. Kukuc is shocked, but Rea shows to him a big coin, telling him that is a lot of money (is not), so Kukuc removes Minerva’s shoes and starts to worship her feet. The two cruel bitches laugh at my cousin and start to dominate him and humiliate him with their feet, covering his face under them and making him lick, suck and kiss non stop! They get more and more dominant with him as they footslap his face hundreds of times and they footsmother him and footgag him. Kukuc is already on the floor under their cruel feet and while they abuse him, humiliate him and destroy his face under them kicking and footslapping him more and more, Rea explains to him his new life. This crazy bitch is so happy that just after she sold Vigor, a new slave came from the sky for her! Why my cousin, why?


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