REA And NIKA – Movie And Fun – Foot Domination And Humiliation PART2

Today I invited my girlfriend Nika to come watch a movie together. She is a very beautiful university student living on my building, we started to chat and we became friends, she is very cool, smart and crazy. She came to my apartment and she met my slave, surprised that this much older man is doing whatever I tell him and serve us at the time that we watched the movie. So I decided to introduce her to my world, my fetish lifestyle! I told her that he is my houseslave and I am a Domina, I show him my tatoo at my foot and I told her all about it! She was little shocked, but enthusiastic!

I ask her if she wants to play and Nika is in, so I call my loser slave and I tell him to go down on the floor at our feet. I make him lick my feet and after Nika’s and she has an expresion of pleasure and curiosity on her face. I love when I create new Mistresses! Soon we have our chemistry, we footslap the slave and we rub our feet all over his face, we make him lick, suck and worship our feet. I footsmother him and I spit on his mouth and I footgag him and humiliate him under my feet. Nika gets more and more comfortable and soon we really enjoy to dominate my footbitch under our feet!


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