REA – Showgirl – Lick The Dirt From My Platform Short Boots! – Boot Worship And Domination PART1

I am theĀ Showgirls star, I am a Diva and people worship me. The most important, famous and rich people try to get just one look from me, to spend few minutes near me. I just finished a fantastic show with the theater full of people cheering at the end of the show. I return to my private place and I relax on my couch, thinking of the show. But suddenly, a stupid young guy enters the room with roses, kneeling in front of me and saying that he is my biggest fan and this is his biggest dream to spend some minutes next to me! I say to him to go out, but he begs me to let him stay and he will do everything I want. Everything? Hmm, let’s have some fun with this loser!

I tell him that if he wants to stay near me, he must clean my sexy short platform boots from the dirt, with his tongue! He is shocked, but I remind to him that everybody does what I say and if he doesn’t like it, he can go. But the loser starts to lick the dirt of my shoes with passion! I humiliate him and I wipe the soles of my shoes on his tongue and I make him suck hard the big heel. The loser is on his knees licking my shoes and I dominate him and I crush his face under them. I push him on the floor and I finish the cleaning on his face and tongue, after all this pathetic guy was useful for something!


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