SAKURA – No Mercy 2 – EXTREME Shoe Worship, Domination And Mouthfucking PART2

I cannot take it anymore, Sakura is more and more brutal with me every day. After weeks of full time hard work, a lot of domination and humiliation and no sleep I am out of energy. But Sakura yesterday kicked me so hard that she had to take me to the hospital! My head and my face where in bad condition and the doctors took care of me. But today I feel pain everywhere and I have no energy even to walk!

I am destroyed on the floor after the brutal facetrampling, but Sakura comes on her expensive high heels and she stands over my face, commanding me to lick her shoes clean as I didn’t do a good job before. She uses my face as a rug and she wipes the bottoms of her shoes on my tongue. Sakura loves to fuck my mouth with her shoes, she pushes the heels down my throat and she shoegags me with the top of her shoes. She drags me to the sofa and she sits on it as she keeps dominating me under her high heels. Her shoes are clean already, but she keeps dominating me under them just for her fun!


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