SIBYLLA – Lick My Walking Shoes Clean From The Street Dirt PART1

Sexbomb Sibylla looks fantastic with her casual style. She just came back from shopping and she relaxes at the balcony to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. She calls her slave to come near her and she commands him to lick her shoes clean from the street dirt. The soles of her shoes are too much dirty, but of course this is why she has slaves! The poor slave licks and licks to clean, making his tongue and face dirty. Sibylla looks down at him smiling and she dominates him as he licks, giving to his face small kicks, crushing it by twisting the shoe on it and rubbing hard the soles of the shoes on his tongue to clean them! Finally when the shoes are clean, she uses his face as a footstool to continue relaxing! AMAZING action from bratty Sibylla!