ZOE – The Rich And The Poor – ELEGANT Foot Worship PART2

Breathtaking blond Zoe is a spoiled girl from a rich family, but she is also a top level model. She studies in the most famous American College and she has her own philosophy of life: There are the smart and the stupid people. There are the rich and the poor, the social classes exist. Elitist Zoe is very strick and dominant with poor men over 40ies, she consider the losers of life. And it entertains her to have some of them at her feet as her slaves, dominating them and humiliating them as she wants!

This poor guy was the doorman at Zoe’s apartment, looking from the first moment so submissive and loser! She called him one time to go up and she announced to him that he is considered now as her slave! The poor guy can give his life for his Mistress, feeling so lucky to be at her feet! Zoe calls him and commands him to worship her sexy feet. She looks smoking hot in her red dress and she guides the loser how to worship her feet properly. He licks and sucks as there is no tomorrow and when Zoe is bored, she sends him away and relaxes back. What a Lady is Zoe