EVIKE – ‘Bikini Attack’ – Foot Domination and Spitting EXTREME!!! PART2

Evike is so unbelievably sexy and sadistic in this clip! Slave oldie holds a chair on his belly, a throne for his Mistress! Evike sits on it and oldie must hold all her weight and the weight of the chair stable with his hands! Of course this is not Evike‘s problem and he knows that if her drops her the punishment will be severe! She rubs her feet all over his face, laughing down at him and she makes him lick her perfect feet. She smothers him under her soles and she spits on his face, rubbing the spit all over his face. The attitude of Evike in this clip is just breathtaking! There is no man that can resist to her will!!!



Clip posted in Glamour Brats Megastore